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Stone Life operates on a mobile basis. After our initial telephone or email consultation I will bring a range of samples that will best match your vision. Stone Life works with a number of high quality installers, so I can recommend the right people for your project.

What is Stone Life

Stone Life specialises in the supply of beautiful, natural Australian stone. All of our natural stone products are quarried and processed in Australia.

We source stone from quarries in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

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Why Buy Australian Stone

The majority of stone products such as tiles, pavers and cladding sold in Australia are imported from overseas. This is usually because the production costs are much lower due to a variety of economic conditions within those countries meaning a reduced price to the consumer. Overseas suppliers also have a large spread of quality ranges with many suppliers sourcing a lower quality of stone to reduce costs even further.

Australian Stone products cost more because they are worth more. The workers that produce the stone are not paid the minimum possible wage in a developing country, they work in Australia and have all the benefits of working in a safe workplace that meets or exceeds all of Australia’s workplace standards. Because of this, a lower quality product will still be more expensive than an imported product. So Australian stone producers make their stone to a higher quality standard for the customers that will appreciate the quality difference.

When you buy Australian Stone products you directly support our economy. At Stone Life we make sure that the products we sell are both quarried and produced in Australia. We also use Australian owned transport companies to make sure that we support the economy in every way possible.

These Are The Regions We Service

Greater Sydney AreaIllawarra
Blue MountainsCentral Coast
Southern HighlandsSouth Coast

If your project is in another area, contact me and I will help in whatever way I can.