Natural Stone Carving

Stone carving from local artists using local stone

Stone carving is an artform where rough pieces of natural stone are shaped and molded by the controlled removal of stone into works of art that are beautiful and long lasting.  Stone is a strong durable medium and carvings from thousands of years ago still exist today. 

The act of stone carving is not an easy process, it takes many years of practice to begin expressing an artist’s vision. The stone masons on this page use locally sourced stone to produce carvings to order in any size. They use a mix of traditional hand tools and modern machinery to achieve the best outcome. 

Albert Kraan

Albert Kraan is the owner of Wollombi Sandstone. Exclusively using the beautiful buff coloured Wollombi Sandstone, Albert has over 34 years of stone carving and stone masonry experience.


Arenaria has been carving nature inspired sandstone sculptures for over 10 years. Based in the Illawarra region, Arenaria uses locally sourced sandstone to create amazing unique artwork.

Rob Nimmo

Rob Nimmo is a highly experienced Sydney based stonemason. Rob uses locally sourced sandstone for traditional stone carving and ornate interior pieces with a mix of stone textures.