Sandstone Stepping Stones

Sandstone Stepping Stones

Sandstone Stepping Stones have a beautiful colour that is natural to the Greater Sydney region. The stepping stones can be supplied in either banded or oxidising buff colour ranges. These are perfect for garden paths.

These Australian Sandstone Stepping Stones are used as features or paths within a landscape design. They can be individual elements, or tied into a large paving design.

Sandstone is a great option for a stepping stone because the colours often work well in a natural setting. These stepping stones are 50mm and are strong enough to be placed on almost any base.

  • Thickness is 50mm
  • Colour options are banded or oxidising buff
  • Random shaped pieces
  • Rough size for the stepping stones are 400-500mm
  • Sold per piece
  • No minimum order

Our Stepping Stones are quarried and processed just north of Sydney.

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