Forbes Grey Granite Stepping Stones

Forbes Grey Granite Stepping Stones

Are you looking for a change from the typical Chinese bluestone stepping stones? Consider Forbes Grey Granite stepping stones. They still offer the same durability and even more natural shapes but with a lighter colour and are quarried and processed in New South Wales. Perfect for enhancing your garden paths.

These Australian Granite Stepping Stones are used as features or paths within a landscape design. Stepping stones can be individual elements or tied into a large paving design. They have matching crazy paving and can be cut much thicker to be used as organic-shaped step treads.

Forbes Grey Granite stepping stones are cut from naturally occurring boulders giving them an organic shape with a natural exterior edge. These stepping stones are typically 30mm or 45mm but can be cut to almost any thickness.

What makes these the best stepping stones in Sydney?

  • They are stronger than bluestone or sandstone stepping stones
  • There are no vesicles or holes in the stone to trap dirt
  • Custom sizes and thicknesses can be done quicker than any imported stepping stone


Further details on our Forbes Grey Stepping Stones:

  • Thickness is 30mm or 45mm +/- 5mm. Custom thicknesses up to 1000mm can also be done
  • Randomly shaped pieces
  • Small stepping stone size is 300-500mm
  • Medium stepping stone size is 500-700mm
  • Large stepping stone size is 700-900mm
  • Custom sizes are available with a maximum size of 2000 x 1500mm
  • Sold per piece
  • No minimum order
  • Crazy paving also available in the same stone
  • Logs and boulder seats also available in Forbes Grey Granite

Our Stepping Stones are quarried and processed near Forbes in the Central West region of NSW.

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