Bruhn Limestone Rockface

Bruhn Limestone Rockface

Bruhn Limestone is a completely natural limestone from the South East region of South Australia. Rocface has a rough face created by guillotining the stone. The colour ranges from cream to biscuit.

Bruhn Limestone is a beautiful natural limestone available in ashlar blocks. The colour ranges from cream to biscuit. These limestone blocks are a great solution for either traditional designs, but can also be used reativly in modern designs.

Bruhn Limestone is a fossiliferous limestone, quarried and proccessed near Mount Gambier, South Australia. Bruhn Limestone has been supplying premium limestone for over 80 years.

Premium Plainface Ashlar240 x 660 x 100mm
Cornerstone Bevel Edge240 x 580 x 120mm
Sill / Lintels240 x 1320 x 100mm


Decorative moulds are also available in a range of profiles.

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