Banded Sandstone Hydrasplit Blocks

Banded Sandstone Hydrasplit Blocks

Dixon’s Banded Sandstone Hydrasplit Blocks are used to create beautiful walls when landscaping. Colour will vary lighter and darker than the displayed image.

When you think of sandstone, this is usually the iconic colour that comes to mind.

Dixon's Banded Sandstone Hydrasplit Blocks have a split face with sawn top and sides. The back surface is split however sawn finish is available. The term Hydrasplit refers to a hydraulic splitting machine which offers the blocks a natural look and feel.
Hydrasplit blocks have many uses such as retaining walls, garden borders, steps cladding columns and water features. Matching capping and paving is available to order. Sealing sandstone blocks will maintain a clean look. Unsealed blocks can be left to age gracefully over time.
This stunning local sandstone is cut to order and customisable. Options include:

  • Random lengths / set lengths
  • Regular heights of 200mm, 250mm and 300mm or custom heights
  • 125mm thick
  • Sandstone is cut to order. Size and finish specified to order.
  • Finish is Hydrasplit, however rockface is available on one or more faces
  • Capping, coping, cladding and paving options are similarly available
  • Sold per Lm
  • No minimum order

Our Banded Sandstone is quarried and processed just north of Sydney, NSW.

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Sandstone from the greater Sydney region was formed from a fresh water delta in the Triassic period around 200-250 million years ago.


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